What is the localethereum? the ad platform for smart contracts

Before creating a localethreum account , the question almost intuitively arises: what is the localethereum? To answer this question, you are basically reminded of local newspaper ads.

What is Local LocalEthereum?

The ads are ads placed in a section of the local newspaper to offer goods, products, and services between people or companies. Thus, it works localethereum; a series of ads that allows you to exchange Ethereum chips with local currency.

For example, in a single person the function of supposing that person A has a certain amount of Ethereum that we want to exchange for local currency, say dollars to person B. What the localethereum does is show the person A a series of announcements; where, possible B people are interested in exchanging their dollars with Ethereum chips.

The most interesting thing about localethereum is that it works locally and decentralized; that is, in addition to showing Person A the list of people available to exchange Ethereum chips for dollars; it will also show a section of the results where possible B persons are closer to the place of residence of the person A; interested in exchanging cash dollars for Ethereum.

At this point, we can say that LocalEthereum is a local person-to-person exchange market.



What are the main characteristics of localethereum?
Localethereum has the following characteristics:

  • End-to-end encrypted messaging; that is, no one will see what you will send and no one will see what you receive.
  • The exchanges are carried out completely from person to person.
  • Localethereum charges a fee of USD 0.25 to the marker (the person who makes the offer) and USD 0.75 to the traker (the person who replies to the offer).
  • Localethereum, allows the realization of smart contracts; that is, clauses that are executed only when both parties agree.
    And what do you think of this local Ethereum cryptocurrency market? If you could ask your creators a question, what would you say?