The falls on Wall Street continue for the second consecutive session

Wall Street continues to present losses and does not receive much help from others, as there is a lot of volatility. The S & P500 (-0.3%) and Nasdaq (0.85%) still show very significant drops compared to other years that have been better. It is almost 1% in fall and although it tries to recover it is again running into losses when it manages to close the day.

The main reason for these falls is the collapse of Facebook and the constant problems they face. With a fall of 5% as well as the fall of Twitter (12%) the entire sector collapsed by 4.58%. Therefore, Alphabet under 4.5% very remarkable. It is clear that the problems keep coming on technological volatility.

The falls continue to pressure investors

The falls of Amazon (4.4%), Netflix (5%) and Tesla (7.7%) put pressure on investors in a considerable way. These consider collecting the benefits of these values that in past months have been much better in the market. Also, Intel fell by 3.1% who together with Cisco Systems (-2.4%) and lead sales in the Dow Jones.

Link Securities is very convinced that “volatility is back” and that nobody will be able to “discuss”. The BlackBerry company fell by approximately 1.6% with results that exceeded all the forecasts made by the board. Undoubtedly, it is a complicated scenario to continue leading the Wall Street market to the top.

Bankinter talks about the “Prudence” that will be held until the holiday weekend of Easter. In addition, with respect to the technological sector investors are not going to take any position yet. All this due to the “commercial dispute between the US and China” that encompass 25% of the S & P500 in terms of weighting.