The cryptocurrency market remains green after last week’s corrections

The last week the crypto market has had closing days in red with minimal falls of BTC and ETH. Instead, this week has been recovering with slightly more pleasant numbers for investors of different crypts. The ETH again touched the barrier of $ 700 , while the BTC is above $ 9000.

For today the BTC closed quoting on the 9,336 dollars increasing approximately a 1.5 percent in 24 hours. On the other hand, the ETH had a wider growth of 9 percent in the last 24 hours. By the time this crypto would be trading around $ 742 , all due to whether it should be classified as a security. US regulators want to classify it as a security while a co-founder says this should not happen.

It is still waiting for the end to achieve a positive closure for the entire crypto market

EOS continues to be lower compared to the others, with 3 percent in the 24-hour period. His quote would be reaching for today $ 18.19 for the time of the press a. EOS has managed to rise about 200 percent since the beginning of April despite the fall it had. Its maximum point at this time would be a close with about $ 22 for the date of April 29.

Whoever continues to rise progressively despite the ” fear and uncertainty ” that broke out last week is IOTA. This has achieved a 12 percent in the last 24 hours of the cryptomarket achieving $ 2.35 for today . The capitalization of the market continues to rise and is much greater than 400 billion dollars, achieving $ 444 billion.