The Crypto B2X currency received it’s code with a bitcoin-separated Network.

he Crypto B2X currency received its code with a bitcoin-separated network
Crypto currency B 2 X from the second time will be put into use. After its introduction of the owners of the original bitcoin, a pleasant surprise awaits.
As reports, B2X is another branch of bitcoin, which however, not without problems, began its existence. The block of the new project was generated by the developers on December 28th.

While it is not known exactly when the cryptographic currency will be used massively.

The author of the B2X idea is Ian Thurlow. The specialist brought together a group of like-minded people who supported the resumption of the project’s work, which was abandoned in the fall. According to him, B2X will become a truly anonymous and instant bitcoin.

The developers stressed that the new project will not replace the original bitcoin. It is assumed that two crypto-currencies exist on different networks and perform different functions.
The creation of the B2X encrypted currency was discussed in the United States in May. The activation of the project was scheduled for November, but it did not happen due to the fact that members of the crypto community did not find a common opinion on this problem. The failed project developer Jeff Garzick has nothing to do with creating a new cryptographic currency.

The B2X code is on According to the rules of change, six million coins will pass to developers. According to the calculations, this is 28% of the coins, which will be issued for an amount of 21 million.
The developers of the project appreciate bitcoin owners who are not afraid of jumping in the market and remain “adhering to progress”. According to them, bitcoin coins can be exchanged for B2X coins in a one-to-one ratio. The authors of the project have also promised to distribute to the fans of “digital gold” a proportional number of bitcoins appeared in the first 12 months, and the developer of the entire network, Satoshi Nakamoto, has attracted them around. However, it is not yet known when such action will take place and, above all, how it will be implemented.


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