Technical price analysis of Stellar, IOTA, EOS, Litecoin, NEO March 2018

According to statistics, 97% of all coins listed in the Top 100 list according to the CoinMarketCap compilation are in red.

Basing our finding on price action, we expect further depreciation with EOS, possibly revoking last week’s gains and LTC tests of $ 100 or less at the end of the week.


At the close of this edition, the lumens fell by 9.23% according to the CoinMarketCap statistics. Unfortunately, it seems that sellers of Stellar Lumens are starting and are approaching last week’s minimum of $ 0.15.

This is just what the graphics suggest and comes at a time when Stellar Lumens is receiving incredible developments.

From my point of view, today sellers should seek to increase their sales and operate in accordance with the overall negative expense. If there are attempts at higher highs, then $ 0.25 to $ 0.30 should be the ideal selling areas.


After yesterday’s price action, IOTA sellers are firmly in the driver’s seat. Because of this, the chances of IOTA quoting at par with the USD remain high. The fact is that IOTA could even negotiate lower if this selling pressure persists.

The stochastics in the weekly charts and 4HR are negative. In addition, we take a top-down approach and prioritize the development of prices on the weekly chart.

It is clear that not only bears can be too ambitious and have a target of $ 0.85, but they can expect further erosion with the porthole at $ 0.30. They are the lows of October 2017 and the root of the Q4 IOTA rally.


The sellers are in a fuss and to put things in perspective, EOS has dropped by 18% in the last 24 hours and reacts from the resistance trend line. In my opinion, degradation is only gaining momentum.

If we base our limits on the price action, then we can also choose the potential support or the ideal targets at $ 4. They are the minimums of March 18 and the basis of the increase of 58% last week.

However, if you want to change this pair, it could help you if you expect stochastics to sell the signal on the 4HR chart before a short circuit occurs.

Even if prices could recover, the current downtrend is only beneficial for those who are already in business. Anyway, any form of EOS recovery means that sellers can wait and wait for the sales signals to oscillate between $ 6.5 and $ 7.5.


If we base our analysis on yesterday’s preview, then we can see that prices are generally bearish and LTC bulls did not push prices above the resistance trend line. As such, the series of bear candlesticks from the settlement line is wonderful, but sad from the perspective of an investor.

By focusing and basing our analysis on the weekly chart, it is evident that sellers are about to make $ 90 or so. Coincidentally, that is the Fibonacci retracement line at 78.6%.

Given this momentum, it will not be far-fetched to project that if bears surpass the March 18th minimum of $ 135, then $ 100 is an open goal even if LTC sellers may experience rejection along the way.


Initially, the consolidation of March 25 could have been a short-term spring meeting for NEO prices, but as the price action means that our stop loss was hit.

Too much, we are still bearish, which means that traders should look for opportunities to sell whenever they arise. At some point the target is $ 50 and any break below that is likely to slide us to $ 25.