Technical analysis of the prices of Stellar, NEO, IOTA, EOS, Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The market remained on a horizontal line, there were setbacks in some Altcoins but nothing to worry about. On the other hand, Bitcoin recorded a growth of 4.88%, ranking above $ 11500, which is a good figure.



Prices continue to fluctuate by February 18 and now we see that Lumens faces some sales pressure.

Although we are still optimistic that prices may continue to rise in the next few sessions, the only trigger for increased pressure from bears is that sellers push prices below the average level towards $ 0.30.

For the time being, the lack of price pressure is causing Lumens’ prices to consolidate in all 20 MA periods in the 4HR chart. Apart from this, this slowing of the impulse makes the bands converge, leading to the compression of BB which, as history shows, often leads to a bang.

Too, we continue to cling to our bullish forecast and any break above $ 0.50 will indicate the continuation of the trend and the third phase of a bullish model on the 4HR table.



Even after that bullish break on February 14th, the IOTA bulls cannot talk about considerable capital gains over the past 4-5 days.

In fact, we are witnessing these fluctuations between the main support at the BB center and $ 2.2, which by the way is still our level of good faith resistance, unless it is seen to increase compared to the current. After all, yesterday was largely bullish and buyers pushed prices to the highs of 17 February.

From our analysis, buyers are still in charge and all the low levels, as we have said, are still a stepping stone towards the swing operators’ goals at $ 2.2.


See how they react to EOS approximately $ 9.5. This is only around the BB center and an area of interest in our analysis. As we said, as long as buyers keep prices above $ 9.5, an alarm is not necessary because we will maintain our positive bias and buy the lows.

However, and this is important if there are a follow-up and drives prices below the lows of 18 February, then we expect EOS to fall just $ 8.

This is when we go to the 4HR chart, we check the stochastic and buy when a purchase signal is printed. Otherwise, conservatives should expect a close above last week’s highs of $ 10 and $ 11.5 as they change according to yesterday’s recommendation.


 Prices are quite stagnant within the February 18 range. When we compare the NEO price action in the 4HR table, we see that there is a clear upper double where buyers are testing.

What happens is that prices are higher than $ 130 and, based on our previous recommendations, we will maintain a positive outlook and we will try to extend the long items between $ 110 and $ 130 assuming there is a new route.