Coinbase wants to support ERC20 tokens

The popular in this country stock exchange Coinbase has announced that they will support ERC20 tokens in the future. ERC20 tokens are strictly smart contracts based on the Ethereum Blockchain. For many cryptoprojects, this is a fast […]


Does not Coinbase intend to add XRP?

The Ripple XRP token was the favorite of the encryption markets 24 hours ago with unbridled speculation that the cryptocurrency will finally take its place in the Coinbase exchanges. But it was not like that. The prices reached a […]


Coinbase, popular site to buy cryptocurrencies, has mistakenly taken a lot more money than it should from some users’ bank accounts

Coinbase, one of the biggest and most important sites to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has mistakenly taken a lot more money from the bank accounts of some users: on Reddit and other forums are […]


Messaggio importante del team Coinbase

Noi di Coinbase non potremmo essere più eccitati dall’esplosione dell’interesse per le valute digitali. Le ultime settimane hanno visto un aumento senza precedenti del prezzo delle valute digitali. Sempre più persone sono coinvolte con la nostra piattaforma […]