South Korea influences the market

The market has started to fall since December 28th. The main reason for this is the “riot” of the South Korean authorities. Officials have warned local residents that from the beginning of next year the use of anonymous cryptocurrency accounts will be banned at the state level.

Even banks will not be able to conduct transactions related to those cryptocurrency accounts that remain anonymous.

The authorities of South Korea have also changed the thematic law proposal, according to which in the country now they can close the kripovalyut markets, if there is such a necessity. While it is not.

The situation with South Korea has seriously affected almost the entire crypto-currency market. Each project began to lose value, starting from Bitcoin and ending with others, not less mature “crypto-currencies”. In black, there was only one project: Ripple.


Analysts are perplexed as to why Ripple is growing, while the remaining cryptocurrencies are significantly cheaper.

On December 28th, Ripple increased by 10% and was sold for $ 1.44. Significant growth has allowed the aforementioned cryptocurrency to immediately take third place on the market.

After this jump increased and the total capitalization of Ripple to 55.7 billion dollars.

At the same time, on December 28th, analysts noticed the most significant drop in the IOTA encrypted currency, which fell 9.05% in one day.

Bitcoin continued to hold leadership positions, but fell again, this time by 7.06%.

The second place in the ranking rapidly growing is Ripple on Ethereum.

Compared to other crypto-currencies, Ethereum has lost the least of all – 3.52 percent of the day of mass “death”

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