Ripple Partners

Ripple Partners  – November 2017

  1. 77 Bank (七 十七 銀行)
  2. Accenture
  3. AEON Bank (イ オ ン 銀行)
  4. Ainslie Bullion
  5. AirWallex
  6. Akbank
  7. Akita Bank (秋田 銀行)
  8. Al Rajhi Bank
  9. ALFAcashier
  10. ANZ Bank
  11. Aomori Bank (青森 銀行)
  12. Ashikaga Bank (足 利 銀行)
  13. AstroPay
  14. ATB Financial
  15. Awa Bank (阿波 銀行)
  16. Axis Bank
  17. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)
  18. Bank Indonesia
  19. Bank Leumi
  20. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  21. Bank of America
  22. Bank of England
  23. Bank of Iwate (岩手 銀行)
  24. Bank of Nagoya (名古屋 銀行)
  25. Bank of Okinawa (沖 縄 銀行)
  26. Bank of the Ryukyus (琉球 銀行)
  27. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (三菱 東京 UFJ 銀行)
  28. Bank of Yokohama (横 浜 銀行)
  29. Banquecorp Physical Gold
  30. Barclays
  31. BCS Information Systems
  32. Bexs Banco de Câmbio S / A
  33. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  34. BitcoinIRA
  35. BitGo
  36. Bluzelle
  37. BMO Financial Group
  38. BNP Paribas
  39. Cambridge Global Payments
  40. CBW Bank (Citizens Bank of Weir)
  41. CGI
  42. CIBC
  43. Coast Capital Savings
  44. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  45. Credit Agricole
  46. Credit Suisse
  47. Cross River Bank
  48. Crypto Facilities
  49. Cuallix
  50. Currencies Direct
  51. Daishi Bank (第四 銀行)
  52. Daiwa Next Bank (大 和 ネ ク ス ト 銀行)
  53. DBS Bank
  54. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  55. DH Corporation (D + H)
  56. Dinex
  57. dlocate
  58. Earthport
  59. Ehime Bank (愛媛 銀行)
  60. Everis
  61. Expanse
  62. Expertus Technologies
  63. eZforex
  64. Federal Reserve System
  65. Fidor Bank
  66. FlashFX flash
  67. Fukui Bank (福井 銀行)
  68. global iD
  69. Gold Bullion International
  70. GSR Markets
  71. Gunma Bank (群 馬 銀行)
  72. Hachijuni Bank (八十 二 銀行)
  73. Hiroshima Bank (広 島 銀行)
  74. HOKURIKU BANK (北 陸 銀行)
  75. HSBC
  76. HYAKUGO BANK (百 五 銀行)
  77. Chiba Bank (千葉 銀行)
  78. Chiba Kogyo Bank (千葉 興業 銀行)
  79. Chugoku Bank (中国 銀行)
  80. IBM
  81. Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
  82. Infosys
  83. IntellectEU
  84. International Foreign Exchange (IFX)
  85. Intesa Sanpaolo
  86. Iyo Bank (伊 予 銀行)
  87. Jaccoo
  88. Japan Post Bank (ゆ う ち ょ 銀行)
  89. JPMorgan
  90. Jurok Bank (十六 銀行)
  91. Keiyo Bank (京 葉 銀行)
  92. Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya)
  93. Macquarie Group
  94. MasterCard
  95. Michinoku Bank (み ち の く 銀行)
  96. MIT
  97. Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (三菱 UFJ 信託 銀行)
  98. Mizuho Financial Group (ず ず)
  99. Monetary Authority of Singapore
  100. MoneyGram
  101. Musashino Bank (武 蔵 野 銀行)
  102. National Australia Bank
  103. National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)
  104. Natixis
  105. New Forest Capital
  106. NISHI-NIPPON CITY BANK (西 日本 シ テ ィ 銀行)
  107. Nomura Trust and Banking Company (野村 信託 銀行)
  108. Nordea Bank
  109. Norinchukin Bank (農林 中央 金庫)
  110. North Pacific Bank (北洋 銀行)
  111. NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)
  112. Oita Bank (大分 銀行)
  113. ORIX Bank (O’Brien)
  114. Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation
  115. Paycase Financial
  116. Persistent Systems
  117. R3 CEV
  118. Rabobank Nederland
  119. RAKBANK (National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah PJSC)
  120. ReiseBank
  121. Reserve Bank of India
  122. Resona Bank (り そ な 銀行)
  123. RIALTO.AI
  124. Royal Bank of Canada
  125. Royal Bank of Scotland
  127. SAN-IN GODO BANK (山陰 合同 銀行)
  128. Santander Bank
  129. SAP
  130. SBI Holdings
  131. SBI Remit
  132. SBI Ripple Asia
  133. SBI Sumishin Net Bank (SBI ネ ッ ト 銀行)
  134. Scotiabank
  135. Senshu Ikeda Bank (池田 泉州 銀行)
  136. Seven Bank (セ ブ ン 銀行)
  137. Shanghai Huarui Bank (SHRB)
  138. Shiga Bank (滋 賀 銀行)
  139. Shikoku Bank (四 国 銀行)
  140. Shimizu Bank (清水 銀行)
  141. Shinkin Central Bank (信 金 中央 金庫)
  142. Shinsei Bank (新生 銀行)
  143. Shoko Chukin Bank (商 工 組合 中央 金庫)
  144. Siam Commercial Bank
  145. Singapore Exchange
  146. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB)
  147. Smart Token Chain
  148. Sony Bank (ソ ニ ー 銀行)
  149. Sparro
  150. Standard Chartered Bank
  151. Star One Credit Union
  152. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (三 住友 銀行)
  153. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (三井 住友 信託 銀行)
  154. Suruga Bank (ス ル ガ 銀行)
  155. SWIFT
  156. TAS Group
  157. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  158. Telindus
  159. Temenos
  160. The PAR Foundation
  161. The Royal Mint
  162. Toho Bank (東邦 銀行)
  163. Tochigi Bank (栃 木 銀行)
  164. Tokyo Star Bank (東京 ス タ ー 銀行)
  165. Toronto-Dominion Bank
  166. Towa Bank (東 和 銀行)
  167. TransferGo
  168. Tsukuba Bank (波波 銀行)
  169. UAE Exchange
  170. UBS
  171. UniCredit
  172. Union FX
  173. United Overseas Bank
  174. Volante Technologies
  175. Western Union
  176. Westpac Bank
  177. Yachiyo Bank (八千 代 銀行)
  178. Yamagata Bank (山形 銀行)
  179. Yamaguchi Bank (山口 銀行)
  180. Yantra Financial Technologies
  181. Yes Bank

Associated Ripple (Ripple Affiliated Organizations) – November 2017

  1. BAFT (Bankers Association for Finance and Trade)
  2. CFDR (Consumer Financial Data Rights)
  3. CFSI (Center for Financial Services Innovation)
  4. Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS)
  5. Faster Payments Task Force (FRB)
  6. Global Payments Steering Group (GPSG)
  7. High Level Advisory Group on FinTech (IMF)
  8. Hyperledger
  9. Interledger Payments Community Group (W3C)
  10. IPFA (International Payments Framework Association)
  11. JS Foundation
  12. NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association)
  13. Post-Trade Distributed Ledger Group (PTDL)
  14. Web Payments Interest Group (W3C)
  15. Web Payments Working Group (W3C)
  16. Whitechapel Think Tank


Ripple (RTXP) is a payment protocol and a network for sending and changing names and money. It represents the fastest way to transfer money abroad – across the planet within 2-10 seconds. The project was launched in 2012 and California is behind its creation and development.The goal of Ripple is to create an online payment network that allows people to send and exchange money without unnecessary fees and without delays. At the moment everything suggests that the project is on the right track. The Ripple protocol has shown interest in more than 100 banks and online payment providers around the world.

What is Ripple?

Although Ripple and its XRP names are often referred to as cryptomena, it is not entirely true. It is rather an open payment system with its own digital currency that can be seen in those common “fiat” currencies. Like Bitcoin, Ripple uses a distributed database and has its own Ripple Transaction Protocol. It has some features of decentralization, though on a smaller scale than, for example, Bitcoin.The Ripple project was launched in 2012 under the ISC C ++ license. The authors of the Ripple project are A. Britto, D. Schwartz, R. Fugger, whom we will be hearing about in the next ten years just like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Ripple is a shared network with open source (open source). The network is decentralized so that it is made up of individual users’ computers. There is no central server on the network through which all information (or payments) would pass and which would record all payments. Instead, the so-called verifiers are in the network. They are users who have a special program connected to the Ripple network on their computer. Verifiers share a set of files (so-called Ledger), which is something like a book on the entire network. The Ledger contains records of all payments in the network and updated every 5 seconds. Updates are handled by verifiers who record all payments in the network and then add them to Ledger.


Ripple is also a digital menu designation created and used within the Ripple network. The currency is referred to as XRP, it is interchangeable with other cryptoms or traditional currencies (fiat currencies) and is among the most capitalized cryptomenias . The currency is divisible to 6 decimal places, so the minimum amount in the network is 0.000 001 XRP. The network was created to make it easy, cheap and fast to transfer money over the Internet in any currency or between different currencies. This is not limited to the XRP menu, but also allows payments with other names and cryptos. (Source: )

Ripple payment network

While Bitcoin Network monitors Bitcoin currency information, Ripple allows you to monitor any information. It can also monitor payments with different currencies. Ripple for other currencies is not as competitive as a supplement for faster and cheaper payments.

The Ripple network, as well as the networks of the best-known cryptomenias (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), is decentralized and works on the principle of public accounting (Ripple uses Ledger, Bitcoin uses a blockchain or a Slovak bookmark ). With Bitcoine, transactions are being processed. mining cryptoms . This is a complex process where users, with the help of a special program, process records of new transactions. The mining process takes about 10 minutes and is constantly repeated. Ripple uses a different approach that makes the network faster and more energy efficient than Bitcoin.Payments on the Ripple network are confirmed by consensus, which lasts for seconds.

Payment network in the first place

First of all, we must realize that while the virtual name Bitcoin is the primary digital name, Ripple is a universal and decentralized payment network. In this network, it is possible to create so- tokens that can represent different currencies. Whether traditional (fiat) currencies such as the US dollar or the euro, or digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum . Tokens do not necessarily represent just currencies, but can represent, for example, loyalty points for purchases, air miles, gold, etc.

Ripple tokens and their use

Ripple gets the prize as a means to instantly convert any currency into another, without any intermediary. Unlike Bitcoin XRP, because of its unique structure, you do not pay for any store, but on the other hand, it has the potential to allow many more trades in a range of standard existing currencies. Ripple supports tokens that can represent almost any currency, including fiat names, such as dollars or lenses, or cryptomed as Bitcoin and special “names” such as air miles or loyalty points for purchases.

Ripple Gateways

To get a menu into the Ripple Network, you have to redeem your real resources with special users called Gateways. They work like PayPal – send them dollars and they will allow you to send money over the internet. The difference, however, is that PayPal is a centralized body that pays considerable rewards and is much less flexible in what currency it is possible to trade.

Comparing the speed of individual payment systems

Consensus is the process in which verifiers attempt to agree on what transactions in the network have taken place. Therefore, when user A. executes the transaction, the entire network must agree that the transaction has taken place.

Comparing the effectiveness of payment systems

Comparing the effectiveness of payment systems

Ledger and Network Principles

Leadger is a file that contains information about all accounts, payments, account balances, etc. This file needs to be updated because there are constant changes in the network. Updating is done by taking the latest version of the file and adding the latest payment information to it.

Main Network Benefits

All users on the network do not care about validating and verifying transactions. Verified only by selected users – verifiers. The computers of these users are referred to as nodes and include a program connected to the network. If you send a payment, the information first comes to the node that shares it with the other nodes. But all nodes do not have records of the same transactions at the same time. Every 5 seconds, verifiers need to agree on which of the previously unrecorded transactions they confirm and which do not. The so-called “ Consensus Process – XRP Ledger Consensus Process .

Unique verifiers create groups (UNL – Unique Node List). In creating UNL, the emphasis is placed on making the group trustworthy and not conducive. Therefore, verifiers who are not expected to agree on joint fraud may be selected. Imagine, for example, two very competitive companies, including a hostile atmosphere. If these companies agree on something, then they will probably be the truth. At the same time, there is little likelihood that companies would cooperate. And it is precisely those verifiers who do not join in for cheating to form UNL.

Every 5 seconds, nodes compare each other to the information they get. If the vast majority of nodes agree that they received the same information (ie they recorded the same transactions), Leadger is updated and everything is repeated. The process is iterative, so if one of the nodes records a different payment, they try to unify the records with the other nodes. So they made it possible for all nodes to agree on the same accounting book at the end of the process. It may happen that sometimes a valid transaction is evaluated as bad, so it must be repeatedly processed for the next cycle. Therefore, the transaction confirmation time is 5 to 10 seconds.

Does this system have a future?

With centralized banking systems for speed and low payment prices, the speech can sometimes take 3-5 days or more. Perhaps because of the Ripple system, many banks have shown serious interest, and for example, the German bank Fidor or the American Cross River Bank and CBW Bank already actively use Ripple. Other banks (such as Santander, UniCredit, UBS, the Royal Bank of Canada and others), as well as some online payment providers, are also interested in the system.

Institutions that already use Ripple

It works by adding the Ripple protocol to your system to enable customers to take advantage of all the benefits. Payment service providers (banks, credit companies, etc.) Build their own platforms but are not compatible with each other. Ripple is designed to connect these platforms. In addition, Ripple allows you to create automated scripts. For example, you can easily program a Kickstarter similar: if the account A does not get at least $ 100 from the rest of the day (for example, 1 September), the money will be automatically returned by the sender.

Current Ripple Course (XRP / USD)

Ripple - Price chart
Ripple - Price chart

The history of Ripple

Ripple Lab, originally operating under the name Opencoin, is behind the project. The company was founded in 2012. In the same year, the Ripple project was launched, but its history dates back to 2004. At that time, Canadian Ryan Fugger published Ripplepay – the predecessor of today’s Ripple. There have been several years of development and improvement of the system. The Ripple concept was a parallel project for several other payment systems that were at the time.

Ripple currency value

The exchange rate of the XRP (Ripple) is most common against the US dollar (USD). You can also meet the exchange rate against the euro (EUR) or Bitcoin (BTC). The individual exchanges and exchange offices that Ripple promotes may have a slightly different course.

The value of the XRP currency depends on users’ confidence. If there is an increase in demand for currency, its price increases. If, on the other hand, the Ripple menu is not interested and people sell it more than they buy, the price drops. If the creators loosened all the coins created at the same time, the currency would be devalued because the offer would exceed the demand many times. At this point (early 2017), a billion XRPs are released each month, to be repeated for 54 months.

Ripple price development

Ripple names XRP do not belong to cryptoscopes that break records. They prefer to be more stable, although speaking of digital sentiments about stability is a lot of courage. Since its admission to the stock, ripple remained in the shadows of the more famous cryptomenius, so its value was held in the thousands of dollars. At the beginning of 2017, the XRP was about $ 0.006. However, during the first half of the year, the XRP course began to grow steadily. It stopped in May 2017 at just under 0.4 USD / XRP. However, this value has not been maintained for a long time and has fallen by half over the next three months.

Centralized Ripple

With digital currency, there is a considerable risk of cyber-theft, network hacker attacks, and various scams. XRP is a centralized name in the sense that most of the coins are owned by the founding company. Theoretically, this can significantly manipulate the value of the currency, which would jeopardize the existence of currency and the entire network. However, it is in the company’s interest that the value and credibility of the XRP be increased.

Why does the Ripple value increase?

Ripple owns about 61% of XRP, which at present costs about $ 12.8 billion (June 2017). Taking this into account in market capitalization, Ripple should be worth more than most US startups, with the exception of four – Uberu, Airbnb, Palantir and WeWork.

Investors into XRP are thus still confident that Ripple will decide to sell its huge stake and market it with this currency. Some traders, who put $ 94 million into this startup, would definitely welcome some reward. The last capital of $ 55 million was earned by the investor in September last year, when the XRP was just a fraction of what it is worth today. (Source: )

Since then, Ripple has gained momentum, explaining to some extent at least a fraction of the sharp appreciation of XRP. While Bitcoin has a much stronger position on the market today, it is quite often used by speculators today as an investment tool. In contrast, interest in Ripple and Ethereum has recently increased as the main means of enabling business transactions, and Ripple is emerging as the increasingly popular digital payment standard in the financial sector. Only in April 2017 Ripple has acquired 10 new financial institutions for its payment platform and its clients are already large multinational banks such as Bank of America, RBC and UBS. The current list of Ripple partners and organizations from the financial and non-financial sectors can be found at the bottom of this page.

Ensuring long-term stability of Ripple

In order to promote long-term stability and distraction of such concerns, Ripple announced, in early 2017, a structured sales plan for its currency. By the end of 2017, according to Coindesk’s information on the linked account, 88% of its XRP, or about 54 billion XRP, in the total value of about 11.3 billionUSD, sending a maximum of one billion each month for the next 4.5 years. “We have decided to remove this topic from the table,” said Ripple CNBC CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

Mining in the Ripple network

XRP, unlike other cryptoms, does not suffer. Ripple builders initially created 100 billion XRPs that are gradually releasing to the system. But all the coins do not need to get into circulation because some of them want to keep the creators. At this point, a billion XRPs are released each month. This step should be repeated for 54 months.

How to get Ripple?

The only way to get the XRP (Ripple) menu is to purchase or exchange for another menu . You can find a list of the exchangeable XRPs on the official Ripple site at How to Buy XRP . The XRP currency is unusable for common cases because you do not pay anywhere. Nevertheless, it is very important.For each network transaction, a small portion of XRP is irretrievably destroyed. You can understand this as a small fee for a transaction that you have to pay but nobody gets it. So each account on the network must have a balance in XRP. However, the fee is really small and ranges from hundreds to thousands of cents.

The fee is to prevent fake accounts and users who want to make millions of transactions at the same time. XRP is also used in cases where it is not possible to exchange two names at a certain point in time. XRP creates something like a bridge of transfer – the base name is first shifted to XRP and then changed to the desired destination menu.

Another option is online currency trading . Growth speculation, but also a fall in Ripple’s price in the short and long term, allow forex brokers. For brokers, you are investing in whether or not the XRP will grow or fall without you actually owning the menu. For example, trading on the Slovak market allows Plus500 broker, who can offer you free and risk-free trading on a demo account that the broker offers free of charge.

Banks love Ripple

Ripple was established in 2012 and has undergone tremendous development since its inception. By supporting tokens, which can actually be any menu, Ripple became a protocol that began to implement large bank houses. Its enormous resources have been released and as more and more banks use its clearing means and distribution network among its branches. Ripple because of its nature has no ambition to replace traditional currencies. The payment network that supports it has the potential to change the way of trading on a global scale



source: euroekonom

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