Ripple: next target 1$?

Sitting closed down yesterday on the cryptocurrency Ripple. It opened trading at 1.2145 (close to the day highs) and closed at 1.2622 dollars (close to the day lows).

The resistance to being monitored is 1.60 and subsequently 2.01 dollars. While for the media: 1.18 and 1 dollar.

Moving Averages
The two long-term moving averages (100 and 200) are currently flattening but remain equidistant to each other, highlighting a faint wave of bullish strength.

Trend Line
The bullish trend line drawn from mid-December of last year is still valid, but with the laterality of recent weeks, the price is approaching it, probably to have more strength in the next bullish upside. If Ripple were to break the dynamic support instead, it would trigger bearish dynamics.

Tracing this indicator from December 12 of last year up to the maximum reached at the beginning of the year 2018 (at the price of 3.31 dollars), we can see how this digital currency broke down the Fibonacci 61.8% level. So the direction (if the price obviously will not be rebound on the uptrend line) is clearly bearish and the target will almost certainly be 1 dollar area.