Ripple managed to grandstand just like over the rally weeks

In the end, on balance, they won them or those traders who never believed the possible burst of a Ripple bubble and instead maintained their long positions on the XRP listing. The stubbornness of these investors has denied all the ominous birds that had been talking about an unstoppable collapse of Ripple and all the other cryptocurrencies. Parallel to show that they were instead right were those analysts who, referring to the sharp decline of all cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Ethereum, had instead spoken of normal situation in light of the high volatility that characterizes the crypto. Precisely the volatility has allowed many investors today to obtain profits that are also very substantial and able to go to blunt even the strong losses remedied in recent days.


On the day of the general recovery of cryptocurrencies (it is not to be excluded that, given today’s rise, we now return to talk about cryptomania), Ripple has managed to get back in evidence just like in the weeks of the rally. The XRP listing today is well above 1 dollar. According to data transmitted in real time by CoinMarketCap, the price of Ripple today recorded a positive change of 20% to $ 1.41. If you consider that the change in the BTC price is just 2%, you can get an idea of ​​the strong recovery that XRP registers. In the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies of today (real time data), Ripple excels and detaches all other virtual values. In the second place of this ranking there are neither the best known Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin but rather the less known Stellar Lumens (+ 15%). The day of the recovery of the cryptocurrencies therefore says this: Ripple and Stellar Lumens have an extra gear. But why the two crypto are able to recover better than all the other rivals?

he explanation could be in the drop that Ripple and Stellar have scored until yesterday. Ripple, in fact, was one of the worst cryptocurrencies and therefore today’s recovery could be considered almost physiological in the light of what happened in recent days. The speech of social recognition has a positive impact on the XRP listing today. Even in a context that is characterized by increasing tensions on all cryptocurrencies due to the possible decision by China and North Korea to establish a ban on centralized trading, Ripple is the one that retains more appeal to banks and financial institutions.

But now the real bet is to understand if and until the listing XRP can continue its recovery. The possibility that the record levels of the past few weeks may have been coupled again seems very remote, precisely in consideration of the general context, but it is to be excluded that the price of Ripple can still record a rise. To be taken into account are the various media identified with a timely technical analysts on the listing XRP. Do not lose sight of, however, what is the prevailing sentiment on the market that can be easily perceived even by reading the various comments that investors exchange on social trading platforms.

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