Ripple kryptonite of the crypto

Ripple kryptonite of the the entire universe crypto 

From bitcoin all’ethereum, from litecoin to bitcoin cash, the entire universe crypto was again shaken today and returned to collapse. to determine the current declines of the main quotes virtual was the South Korea, which has announced the next introduction of measures to cool speculation on the market of cryptocurrency who recorded increases of 1.300% in only 2017. the news has had an immediate effect on the main player of the market. the price of bitcoin and that of other coins digital returned to collapse in the last hours. the only exception in a context of large declines is ripple, which is going up of 4,46% to new record historians.


Everything is among other things happened in one day crucial for bitcoin, that the hard Fork segwit2x. the decision Asian as mentioned, the decision of the South Korea has had the aim to limit the speculation on a market already overheated. measures, short into force, will include both the prohibition of open account trading anonymous, both new powers to supervisors that doing so may at any time block or close the Exchange. “the government has repeatedly warned that cryptocurrency do not constitute money legal, which prices may fluctuate dramatically and cause significant losses”, while bitcoin, ethereum and other Exchange in the name of weakness, the listing of ripple not seem to have suffered of Asian and is currently trading with increases more than 6% on share 1,18. pricing of cryptocurrency , now considered an alternative to BTC, continue to travel to the speed of light and to put in sign record historic day after day. next to ripple, However, there are many other cryptocurrency that, ignoring the news from the North Korea and the declines of bitcoin and co., have continued to Exchange in Green.


The best of the day next to xrp / USD are: byteball, Golem, share, maidsafecoin, status, and 0x. for Mati Greenspan, analyst of the company of investments etoro, is still too early to assess the impact of the new rules, which still seem quite threatening. “the closure of the Exchange of course not kill nor the bitcoin nor its desirability, but put serious danger the flow of the funds on the market.”

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