Ripple is donating $ 29 million to American schools

Ripple Labs has donated $ 29 million. The money will be used to finance some 35,000 projects at American schools.

While the price is currently not the best way to sell XRP, Ripple has decided to donate $ 29 million to American schools. The website was able to promote American school projects. Ultimately, Ripple has decided to finance all 35,000 projects.


Amongst other things, the schools buy books, school supplies, classroom technology and pay for hiking. Under the #BestSchoolDay hashtag, projects are currently tweeting what they plan to do with the money.

The whole thing is certainly a good marketing action for Ripple, you can see that in the video for the donation, the vice president of marketing at Ripple occurs.

You can see the video of the donation here:

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