Record ripple: too late to buy? + 1,000% in one month.

Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) is without brakes.
According to CoinDesk data, the Ripple quotation has increased by more than 1,000% in the last month, exceeding $ 3.50 on Thursday after spending most of 2017 below 30 cents.

With a market capitalization of more than 120 billion revolutions, Ripple has usurped the role of Ethereum as a second cryptocurrency a higher value after Bitcoin, and in the sector increases accuracy as to when it will rise to the first position.

But if some believe that after such a stellar growth a price success is just around the corner, industry experts are proving very well. Do you buy Ripple right now?

Too late to buy the Ripple?

Ripple is confirming the main beneficiary of the cryptocurrency rally in 2018, inaugurated by Bitcoin last year. Investors look for alternative digital currencies to differentiate risk by uncovering the next successful cryptocurrency and the Ripple seems to meet all the necessary requirements.

The other side of the columns is one of Ripple’s strong points, but the very high attention that is receiving a world level could lead to a type analysis, as a story, can inflate the price and put investor capital at risk.

This is something I do not like. In fact, after the rally of the last days, at the moment the quotation is down more than 10% on a daily basis.

Ripple vs Bitcoin.

Launched in 2012, Ripple offers “infrastructure technology for interbank transactions – a neutral tool for institutions and financial systems”. Investment time, the cryptocurrency was originally created to facilitate the sending of money between different countries.

The Ripple then offers some advantages over the known Bitcoin. Not only does it appear to be safer, but it also offers faster revenue than Bitcoin. Ripple takes only a few seconds.

However, at the speed with which it is going up, using the Ripple for daily transactions could become impractical as the use of Bitcoin, a cause of the amount of purchases that is making the quote rise.

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