Japan: Coincheck interrupts the encrypted business

Coincheck’s Japanese crypt exchange imposed a commercial stop. So far there was no official reason. In social media it is said that over 720 million dollars of NEM and ripple have been stolen in a hacker attack. One of Japan’s biggest cryptographic exchanges has stopped trading and withdrawing funds. On Twitter, Coincheck Inc. announced that all cryptographic currencies except Bitcoin had stopped trading.

At the beginning there was no explanation for the stop of trade. The press requests have not been answered, according to Bloomberg. Since then, many cryptocurrencies are collapsing. According to unconfirmed media reports, there was a hacker attack on Coincheck’s cryptographic exchange. There is a suspicion that a large number of ripples and NEMs have been stolen. Overall, NEM and Ripple may have been stolen for over $ 720 million, said BTC-Echo.

A Japanese Twitter user wrote:

$ 600 million in XEM (NEM) were paid by the Japanese cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck. Unconfirmed, whether it’s a hacker attack or a planned transaction. We hope that an update will be released soon. (Joseph Young)