January 15 2018 Crypto Rally?

A friend of a friend, not a friend of ours, says behind closed doors that a reliable source has confirmed Goldman Sachs, who is already chirping in some cryptographic environments throughout the city: January 15, 2018 has a gathering of epic proportions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The reason? Wall Street is pouring out its bonuses on the savage horde of investment bankers, and they will put it into cryptocurrency. Anyone who thinks we’re having fun is on the wrong ship.
In reality, these fantasies circulate on “respected” news sites. Although we see the market advancing at significantly higher levels, but to clarify this on the basis of bonus payments, even without words.
the market is therefore still in a clear correction movement. However, we must not forget a thing on this market, even if we have performed a close correction of 50%, almost half of which has already been achieved, this market is known for work on shortcut corrections.

However, we can not deny that the market has lost much of its strength since its inception and the Big Flakship, Bitcoin, is starting to leave the bullish territory. Although the long-term future of cryptocurrencies is not necessarily reflected in BTC, this market has not yet reached its final maximum.
The days to come will tell us if bears can hold the lid here and then close the hatch, and then penetrate deeply that, from the point of view of a Cryptorian, would even shine the Marianne ditch.
Also Ethereum joins the new year in the first week of trading as the second cryptocurrency among the conquerors of the $ 1,000 mark and has earned an increase of 8672% in one year under the cryptographic currencies officially a place in the history books.

Immediately we see the ETH aim for a temporary high, which the market may have already expanded by the end of the week. As a result, we must expect a correction game on the air at $ 810 before the journey continues at much higher levels.

We did not translate Ripple, which after having hit its maximum at 3.5 $ and undergoing a correction is recovering altitude.
We look forward to January 15 to see if these chirps have real bases

Source: wallstreet-online.de

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