Ethereum: Rumors about ASIC Miners continue to push the course

Bitmain and other companies are about to be launched by Ethereum ASIC Miners. The mines with normal graphics cards could be unprofitable. Especially big miners would benefit from it.

Hardware analyst Christopher Rolland, who also appears regularly at CNBC, has spent several weeks traveling through Asia, visiting various hardware manufacturers. On his journey, he discovered that Bitmain is about to complete an Ethereum ASIC Miner. Behind Bitmain is also the biggest Bitcoin Miner, who has been in the headlines in the past .


In addition to Bitmain there should also be at least 3 other manufacturers, which are about to complete an ASIC Miners. Bitmain, however, seems to be the most advanced, according to Christopher Rolland, the launch of Bitmain ASIC Ethereum Miner in the next 3 months already take place.

So far, Ethereum’s graphics cards are used to mine. The Cryptoboom 2017 then ensured that not only the prices exploded, but also the prices of the graphics cards. ASIC Miners are now characterized by their more effective mines than graphics cards. The Bitcoin network has been using ASIC Miner for some time. Currently about 70-80% of bitcoin mining is done using ASIC miners. Especially the big miners rely on ASIC.

Something similar could happen to Ethereum now. Ultimately, it would make GPU (graphics card) mining much less profitable or even unprofitable, and Ethereum Mining can only be operated profitably by ASIC mining. This would benefit, as with Bitcoin, especially the big miners, as they could react the fastest to the trend.

If the majority of the mining is done in a network of only a few miners, a critical situation quickly ensues. You only need over 50% of the mining power in a network like Ethereum to describe the blockchain at will.

Ethereum’s course has fallen even further since the announcement of the news. Currently, the price of an ether is below $ 450, the lowest since mid-December 2017. Ezer’s Ethereum sales and the declining popularity of ICOs are also holding up. The majority of ICOs collect their capital by ethereum.

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