Difference between Ripple & Bitcoin

Ripple is an American company based in San Francisco.

What does this company do? On the official website, we can get acquainted with their activities. If you look at the official information at a glance: “Ripple offers a trouble-free experience with money all over the world, using Blockchain technology: Banks and payment providers can use XRP’s digital resources to further reduce costs and access to new markets By joining Ripple’s growing global financial institutions, they can process their customers instantly, reliably and economically anywhere in the world. “Now let’s consider who is on the Ripple customer list? Today, according to information from the official website, the company’s offices are located in New York, Sydney, Singapore and Luxembourg, Ripple has more than 100 customers worldwide. Who are these customers? It is very simple, these are the big banks of North America, Europe and Australia.

This year the group was joined by Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU), the largest bank in Japan, which will bring together around 90 banks worldwide in the Ripple international payments network. Ripple is an active participant in the “Digital India” program, in which large banks also participate. Ripple actively collaborates with China’s official banking facilities. Large American Express payment services connect to the Ripple network, most recently announced collaboration with key market players such as JCB, Sumitomo Mitsui Card, Credit Saison and others. And so friends, as we see, Ripple is a company that promotes Blockchain technology in the banking sector (often at the state level). What is Ripple’s cryptographic currency (XRP)? The main difference between Ripple is that it can not be extracted. There are no pools or miners. The system is completely centralized. Ripple is essentially printed like a printing press.

The problem is unlimited and, if necessary, can be released in any quantity. The main use of Ripple is the implementation of interbank transactions. We summarize. The system is centralized, the problem is unlimited, the press is in the same hands, the main participants and the investors are the banking system. Does not it seem anything? Ripple guarding traditions Let’s analyze and see what the fundamental differences between Bitcoin and Ripple are. Why Bitcoin became popular and won so many fans? Because Bitcoin offered an alternative to the existing financial system. Not to mention that Bitcoin has given back people independence in making financial decisions outside the state and banking systems, without controlling your every move. Even today, despite the increase in commissions, it allows cross-border payments at its discretion.


The Bitcoin system is decentralized, essentially it does not have a master’s degree. Yes, large players are able to manipulate, but they do not own the system. Likewise, most crypto-currencies as important pluses tend to decentralize and, above all, anonymity, which is most appreciated. Ripple does not have this and in fact brings us back to the sphere of banking interests, to the system from which Bitcoin freed us. Think about why Ripple is not associated with the name of some famous crypto-enthaziast and guru? Because, as if Roger Ver himself and the Bitcoin Core team did not belong to each other, they do not belong to the banking system. Substitution of the concepts and acquisition of the crypto-currency market And so friends, in my opinion today there are very significant events in the world of cryptocurrency. Companions of bankers who fought each other bitcoin bitterness and soap bubble, in fact, perfectly understand the whole point of what is happening and the threat that Bitcoin brings to the traditional financial system. I think that in the banking sphere, fools do not understand the futility of a prolonged direct meeting with Bitcoin. Faced directly, Bitcoin will become a martyr and a symbol of the struggle for freedom, which will make him immortal.

Therefore, the “B” plan was put in place. Ripple is released into the arena. At the same time, nobody has begun to reinvent the wheel. Everything is going according to the old verified plan. Ripple has been integrated into the currency crypted market disguised by all the attributes of the crypto currency. The process was gradually causing dependence in people’s consciousness. And the essence remains similar to the dollar. Why do the major state-owned banks come together so greedily? It’s right, it’s easier to resist together.

The calculation is correct. What does the user need? Fast and cheap transactions? Take. Do you need to increase the rate? Please, many news in a positive way. Do you need uppercase? Please knowall the coins you need, the press will last. In addition, the taste of growth has been perceived by the public of the common crypto-investors and the coins are exhausted as hot cakes. Few people think that for their blood purchases another candy packaged by bankers and unprotected.

Today the Ripple team managed to capitalize on Bitcoin Cash and turn to Ethereum. Who has the illusion of not being able? It’s easy! And the crowd thirsting to make a profit in Х10 криптоинвесторов itself will bring Ripple to the top, and if it will not be printed enough. And so friends, given the information received, I suggest everyone to analyze it and draw conclusions. And just try to answer the question “What attracted you to the encrypted currency?” And what does not fit the traditional banking system? “. I think it’s time for many to think seriously about George Kikvadze’s recent words about the value of Bitcoin. Otherwise, the banking system will soon engulf us and make us play again according to our rule.

Investing in cryptocurrencies and other initial coin offerings (“ICOs”) is highly risky and speculative, and this article is not a recommendation of Investopedia or the writer to invest in cryptocurrencies or other ICOs. Since the situation of each individual is unique, a qualified professional should always be consulted before making any financial decision.


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