Cryptocurrencies, the front of the opposites is widening: also a warning from Indonesia.

The deployment of central banks and authorities that raise the alarm on the risks of cryptocurrencieswidens, although the phenomenon continues, despite the drop in prices, to take hold while some governments try to experiment with their own digital currencies.
In the last weeks after the warnings launched by some western central banks (for example, the Bank of Italy has repeatedly underlined the risks of sudden crisis of no confidence), in Asia too a front against virtual currencies or better to its uncontrolled development has been strengthened.


After the peak of 19,600 dollars touched by Bitcoin at the end of December, the prices have suffered a steady decline losing 33% but the decline has affected almost all other cryptocurrencies like the Rubble that only lost 10% today. For some analysts it is a phenomenon that will continue due to the proliferation of new currencies, the persistence of distrust to accept payment in currencies despite some individual cases (highly publicized) and the possible tightening of government authorities around the world.

The latest in order to strike prices was the Central Bank of Indonesia, which warned against the risks of a “highly speculative” instrument that could be used “for money laundering and terrorist financing”. In recent days, the authorities of South Korea have said they are thinking of a ban on trade while also in China it is thought to ban the activities of creating money (mining) that, however, absorb huge amounts of energy.
In the United S

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