Ripple on the defensive in audience before skepticism of the Parliament of the United Kingdom

Skepticism dominated an audience on Tuesday over cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in parliament. Martin Walker, director of the non-profit center for evidence-based management and a former product developer at the blockchain R3 consortium, said the […]


Ripple calls for more regulation

Ripple has now promoted stronger regulation of cryptocurrencies in the UK . Above all, the current legal uncertainty ensures that especially Ripples’ main customers are very cautious regarding the use of XRP. Ryan Zagone is Head of Regulatory Relations […]


Ripple: between Japanese banks and Amazon

Incredible forecasts for the Ripple price, whose company, already in agreement with several Japanese banks, could start a collaboration with Amazon. Meanwhile, the currency is recovering today, following last week’s decline. The XRP / USD pair is […]


Does not Coinbase intend to add XRP?

The Ripple XRP token was the favorite of the encryption markets 24 hours ago with unbridled speculation that the cryptocurrency will finally take its place in the Coinbase exchanges. But it was not like that. The prices reached a […]


Cambridge will use XRP for faster global payments

Cambridge Global Payments, a subsidiary of FLEETCOR Technologies and the world’s leading provider of commercial payment solutions, is launching a pilot program to use XRP in cross-border payment flows through xRapid. Cambridge currently has more […]