Litecoin Cash now tradable- LCC

Although Litecoin founder Charlie Lee warned Litecoin Cash and even called the cryptocurrency a scam, 1 Litecoin Cash is currently trading for $ 5. Anyone who owned Litecoin at the time of the snapshot and […]


Litecoin: technical comment

Still a rise for the listing of Litecoin: here are the factors that push the LTC quotation. Litecoin today confirms the upward trend that had already emerged in previous sessions. As we write the quotation […]


Litecoin analysis : February 16, 2018

 At the moment, 50% of Fibonacci is important for Litecoin (LTC) because it will allow us to understand what the intentions of this digital currency are. So what awaits us this weekend? Yesterday’s positive day […]


Robinhood Crypto, a zero-fee virtual currency exchange service, started in the United States. Before Bitcoin and Ethereum

Robinhood has announced that it will begin to manage the virtual currency for the stock trading service without commissions. The shares are Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the transaction fee is obviously zero. Compared to other […]


Litecoin VS Bitcoin

This year Bitcoin will enjoy the light of the spotlight, but there are many alternative cryptocurrencies on which it is worth investing, which go by the name of altcoin, ie alternative coins. In this article […]