BitShares (BTS)

BitShares is an industrial-grade decentralized trading platform designed for high-performance financial smart contracts. Any individuals or institutions are capable of freely transferring, borrowing, trading and issuing assets/smartcoins/future goods, etc., as well as quickly establishing decentralized, low-cost, high-performance exchanges of cryptocurrency/stocks/precious metal, gateways, asset management platform, etc.

BitShares has its unique MPA(market pegged asset), such as bitUSD(1bitUSD = 1USD) , which is backed by at least 2x worth of BTS as collatetral and it is settled automatically by smart contract to guarantee its redemption ability. It is assure that the value of MPA remains stable when it has the advantage of providing the high liquidity by being a blockchain asset at the same time, which makes it fit into the situation of payment or trading.

Except for financial industry, it looks to extend the innovation of the blockchain to more industries that rely upon the internet to provide their services. Whether it’s voting, music, auctions or many others. The digital public ledger allows for the creation of distributed autonomous companies (DACs) that provide better quality services at a fraction of the cost incurred by their more traditional, centralized counterparts.

The BitShares blockchain is by far the public blockchain which has the biggest transaction capacity and the fastest confirmation time. As of today, BitShares has been proven to support 3300 transactions per second and 16000 operations per second with the potential to handle 100K TPS. That means at 3300 TPS is can already handle the combined transaction volume of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and Visa.

Total Supply: approx. 3.6billion BTS (decreasing everyday due to the refund400k worker proposal)
Circulating Supply: approx. 2.6billion BTS


Whitepaper: bitshares