Bitcoin, today’s crash caused by a hacker attack on Binance? The cryptocurrencies tremble

Rumors about a possible hacker attack on Binance cause the price of all cryptocurrencies to fall

Ennessimo collapse for the price of Bitcoin and for that of all other cryptocurrencies. After the positive movements of the past few weeks, the BTC quotation and that of the other altcoin has literally gone to peak within a few hours. The responsibility for the collapse of cryptocurrency  today has been attributed to press rumors about a possible hacker attack that may have suffered one of the biggest exchanges in the world, Binance. It all began with a statement that the same Binance has spread in recent hours. Within this note, the managers of the well-known exchange announced that they have suspended, as a precautionary measure, all trading activities. The suspension of all activities has arisen, continues the statement by Binanca, from the finding of some irregularities. As soon as the news of the suspension of trading on Binance spread, immediately a very strong speculation began that led to the collapse of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, among investors, the rumor spread that the decision to suspend trading activities adopted by the well-known exchange would hide a hacker attack on the Binance website which, in the current state of affairs, has not been confirmed by the exchange. In practice to bring down the Bitcoin today were only rumors supported by a single fact really implied, precisely the suspension of trading on Binance, which must still be verified.


The collapse of the cryptocurrencies generated by these rumors has not been stemmed either by statements made by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. The manager has in fact rushed to reassure the customers of the exchange stating that “all the funds are safe” and reiterating that the company’s technicians are already working to try to understand what happened and to remedy.

Meanwhile, while many seek to clarify this possible hacker attack, the Bitcoin quote today, according to real-time data from Coinmarkecap, recorded a fall of 6%. In any case, all the other major capitalization crypts like Ethereum, which loses 4% and Ripple which is down by 4.5%, are also bad.

The feeling that you breathe on the virtual places frequented by investors is that, in reality, at the base of the collapse of Bitcoin today there were not only the rumors about Binance. It is indeed very probable that the latest statements by the SEC, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, on the regulation of cryptocurrencies have also been weighed down. The American control authority, in fact, has made known a precise guideline that could be translated into action in the coming months: “if a platform offers the trading of digital assets and operates as an exchange, as defined by federal laws, then he has the obligation to register with the SEC “. What does this position actually mean? With this statement, the SEC has confirmed its fear that traders will consider certain platforms as regulated by the SEC and therefore more “safe” than others. In reality, as can be seen from the note of the supervisory authority, this is not true.