Bitcoin: site goes haywire and a sly buy € 16 thousand free

Become a billionaire with Bitcoin without even having to wait for one of those lightning-fast prices that made him famous in 2017. Without addressing the unnerving ups and downs that have shaken his wrists to those who bought it in 2018. And in addition to the price of a simple click.

It ‘s what seems (almost) happened a few days ago to some “lucky” users of a Japanese Exchange of cryptocurrencies, which thanks to a temporary flaw of the system were able to buy for a handful of minutes huge amounts of cryptocurrency at no cost. Arriving apparently just a step away from making the bang of life.

The case

The story came out only yesterday on the Japanese press agencies – then picked up by Reuters – but it would date back to 16 February the “glitch” (this is the technical name of the error that allowed the incredible though temporary gift) that hit the software price calculation of Zaif, a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Osaka,.

According to what the same company that owns the operator, Tech Bureau, has revealed, a free shopping window would have been inexplicably created on the Zaif site, which had remained open and unseen for just eighteen minutes, from 5:40 am to 5:58 am : enough because seven “smart” were quick to fill their digital wallets with easy coins, but not so much because they could also get away with it.






The crazy purchase

In less than two hours in fact the anomalous behavior of the software would have been detected and resolved, the transactions canceled, the balances of the correct users and all the seven billionaires bolt reversed instantly in simple travet with the ball to get rich. Or at least all, except one.