Bitcoin, quotations now close to $ 10,000: Coinbase Commerce and South Korea new catalysts

The price of Bitcoin goes back again and approaches the highs since the beginning of the month in the area of $ 10,000
Bitcoin is neither dead nor destined to explode (at least in the very short term). The quotation of Bitcoin today is re-started, indeed, at a quota of $ 10,000, putting the tops back from the beginning of the month. Whoever gave the Bitcoin as a coupon is therefore destined to change his mind also because for the BTC, hanging up a quota of 10,000 dollars means restoring confidence to the whole cryptocurrency market, even from a psychological point of view.

Looking at the graph relating to the price trend of the BTC in recent weeks, we see a variation of 30% compared to those that were quotations on 6th of last month. In less than 10 days, therefore, the Bitcoin quotation rose from $ 6,000 to nearly $ 10,000. Of course, also considering the collapse of Bitcoin that occurred at the beginning of 2018, the balance from the beginning of the year remains negative with the BTC price that has suffered a 30% decline but there is no doubt that the recent rally bodes well for the future. After difficult sessions today, many believe that the price of Bitcoin can actually increase in the coming days.



The rally of the BTC quotations is supported by two different factors that act as catalysts. The recovery of the price of Bitcoin is mainly caused by the positive news from South Korea. After months of tugging, the Seoul government has decided to allow all cryptocurrencies to continue operating in the country. This is a fundamental news that was immediately received by investors also because South Korea is one of the most important crypto world markets.

But there is not only this factor pushing the price of Bitcoin today. BTC’s quotations are in fact also supported by Coinbase’s decision to launch a new service called Coinbase Commerce that will allow its users to receive payments in Bitcoin but also Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin directly on their digital portfolios. What is Coinbase Commerce? The exchange itself provided an answer to this question. Coinbase Commerce is a plugin that any user can download through a simple registration on the official website of the company. Just enter your phone number and your email address and Coinbase Commerce is available immediately.

The mechanism of operation is very simple and will allow users to simplify the process of sending and receiving payments. In announcing the launch of the plugin, Coinbase said: “We have already integrated it with Shopify, one of the largest multi-channel commercial platforms, and we are actively looking to add further additions to simplify the acceptance of cryptocurrencies”.

The news coming from Coinbase show that technology is not at all resting and confirm that there is instead a constant focus on the development of an ever better.