Bitcoin is no longer synonymous with cryptocurrency

A real rally for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, in the last 24 hours. The capitalizations of the sector have grown in total by over 340 billion dollars. A period of recovery in the bitcoin, which as we pointed out in the article yesterday, April 18, has received favorable statements both from the director of the International Monetary Fund and from strong investors potentially interested in the investment on the BTC and cryptocurrencies in general.

The rise in the cryptocurrency sector is due mainly to the performance of Bitcoin, which alone still manages to pull all the others, which it represents in the eyes of many investors, the flag bearer. This dynamic, however, and fortunately, is slowly changing. Thanks to this change, the individual cryptocurrencies and the underlying projects are considered individually, as it should be.

To demonstrate this, independent price movements are being multiplied by individual cryptocurrencies, even minor ones.

Ethereum and Ripple bring us some
However, some exceptions must be highlighted. The merit of this capitalization recovery should not be associated entirely with the recovery of the BTC, but also with the individual successes of some individual projects.

As for Ripple, for example, in a previous article, we highlighted the fact that the leaders of the Ripple company said they were in favor of regulating the sector and indeed wanting to push in this direction. Ripple and XRP are ready for any type of regulation.

As for Ethereum, however, it was announced that NASA plans to launch a research based on its blockchain.

Institutional investments coming?
Let us resume the speech on Ripple and on relations with the institutions, which can not disregard regulation. In this regard, Saxo Bank, an important Danish investment bank, has recently published a report that provides for an inflow of institutional capital into the cryptocurrency market, which will lead to a general rise for most cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, large banks such as Barclays have revealed that they have planned cryptocurrency trading plans in the future. The entry of large financial institutions shows that the demand from institutional investors is real and that it is increasing rapidly.