Bitcoin Hardfork SegWit2x is coming on 28.12.17

Bitcoin Hardfork SegWit2x is coming on 28.12.17
So now! The Bitcoin Hardfork SegWit2x, which was canceled at the beginning of November, will arrive now, tomorrow starting on 28.12.2017. As can also be seen on the official website (link), a new currency will be created in tomorrow’s division. SegWit2x Bitcoin, in short, B2X, has the aim to realize the idea of ​​Satoshi to use Bitcoin as a means of payment and is therefore indicated by the developers as Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto

Why does Hardfork SeqWit2x come after all?
Jaap Terlouw, founder of the project, had the right words:

The speed of the Commission and of transactions within the Bitcoin network have reached exceptional levels. It is almost impossible to use Bitcoin as a means of payment.
He also said that all Bitcoin holders will have the new B2X currency in a 1: 1 ratio. Shifts are clearly visible on the current Bitcoin course.

B2X will have:

4 MB blocks
Faster locking times
Anyone who also owns Bitcoin and wants the same amount of B2X coins should put coins with a seller who will support the new coins. In November, Bittrex issued a statement in support of Hardfork. If it is right now I can not confirm at the moment, but I will try my luck there.

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