Bill Gates calls the BTC “silly investment”

On Monday, May 7, the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, strongly criticized the BTC in a CNBC report . ” It’s the dumbest investment ” referring to the most important and expensive cryptocurrency in the world. Gates in February accused the cryptocurrencies of causing deaths directly, although he did not rule out involvement with the BTC. ” As an asset you do not produce anything ” the statements of the creator of Microsoft are really forceful in this regard, the ” theory of the fool ”.

Bill Gates believes that if there was an easy way to suspend this currency he would do it with all so much pleasure. Despite the growth that the BTC and the rest of the cryptos have had, many are opposed . However, the volatility of the cryptos continues to rise and many consider a forthcoming growth of all digital currencies. All this has managed to attract the attention of big investors and very important businessmen in the middle.

There are many who oppose the statements of Bill Gates
It is curious to see someone as important as Gates making these important statements at this time. Institutional investors have confirmed that they will have future contracts with the BTC where Goldman Sachs has been listed since last week. Cointelegraph, like a Coldman executive, assures that “it is a greater risk but it is not a fraud”.

The assets would be placed at risk according to the Microsoft owner for both the clients and the institution. He also cataloged ICOs with the BTC as one of the most crazy and speculative things he has ever seen. These comments by the businessman are similar to those made by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger last Saturday. However, it is still expected that the BTC continues to increase its value and volatility as well as the others .