Among the 10 most friendly countries with BlockChain in Europe is Switzerland leading the way

In the list of the 10 European countries that can start a BlockChain company , Switzerland ranks first . This according to a study published by the Blockchain BlockShow Europe 2018 conference. Among the countries that follow Switzerland are Gibraltar and Malta as the main candidates to start a BlockChain company.

The study comprised a total of 48 European countries that were exhaustively examined by the initial coin offer regulations. In addition, the study was based on the regulation of crypts as a payment service and tax frameworks for cryptocurrencies. In this way, Switzerland managed to position itself at the top of the list as a developer of the BlockChain technology.

Switzerland has great contributions with respect to cryptocurrencies globally

A virtual currency center called criptovalle, in Zuga, positions Switzerland as a nation friendly with cryptocurrencies. Also, it is ideal because it is cataloged as a tax-free paradise for cryptocurrency investors. Instead, Gibraltar attracted approximately 200 ICOs before the planned launch of its Gibraltar BlockChan Exchange. On the other hand, Malta, in search of being the Island BlockChain got connection with the cryptobolsas Binance and OKEx recently.

In February, an announcement by the European Commission detailed the launch of the Observatory and Forum BlockChain in the European Union. This, would aim to achieve unite the economy in everything to BlockChain technology. However, the privacy laws of the European Union could come into conflict with the BlockChain technology. In other words, BlockShow, created a survey in the Polys application, based on BlockChain. All in order for its users to vote on women and companies in the EU BlockChain space.