2018 year of Crypto Rotation: will the small ones earn?

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Tom Lee, co-founder and head of research for Fundstrat Global Advisors, was one of the first to invest in bitcoin and it is also for this reason that, knowing the subject, told CNBC that 2018 will be the beginning of the “Great cryptographic rotation “.

Lee’s view
A rotation that will bring small protagonists to the fore. He himself, in fact, has declared to aim at the so-called altcoin, or the smaller coins with a market capitalization of less than $ 3 billion, which have collected more than 300 percent in the last four years, further proof of the aforementioned crypto-rotation. Numbers in hand, Lee recalls that in January, 78% of the small caps token rallied about 300% in the last three months. “We are starting to see this trend in the first 10 tokens and this should actually help the rally on a large scale.”

While bitcoin was the market leader in the digital currency from the beginning, reaching the $ 19,500 in the second half of December and then falling below $ 10,000, other cryptocurrencies have seen a trend that, although positive, is not It was so shamelessly striking and that, especially for small virtual currencies, it could improve further in the next 12 months.

The Raiblocks case
An example comes from Raiblocks, altcoin with market capitalization of less than $ 3 billion currently over 600% while others with higher capitalizations, including stellar, neo, ripple and ethereum, have seen equally promising fortunes during the same period of time, coming to contend with the bitcoin the palm of most capitalized. The same Lee, however, does not exclude that the bitcoin can not only return to the glories of the end of 2017 but also reach beyond touching the 25 thousand dollars of evaluation.